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Adaptive Vs Responsive Web Design. Which Is Best?

Adaptive Vs Responsive Web Design. Which Is Best?

If your business is going mobile then you should really know what will work best for you!

Most business owners decide to go mobile but are very confused with all the latest mobile design terminology, mainly because it doesn’t help to make clear which design suits them best. 

If you are not a web developer and own a business that is about to go mobile then what follows might be valuable to you. You may view a very informative infographic that provides a checklist to find out the appropriate web design for you.

And although one would expect that some might benefit from the one while others on the other, the conclusion is very surprising. As it seems, adaptive web design is a lot superior to responsive and very fast, which alone is a strong reason to prefer it.

Responsive web design although easier to implement for new websites it requires a rebuild for all existing websites and it has a very poor performance across multitude of devices. What’s worst, it is very slow. And you already know the cost to that: mobile device users tend to reject websites and never go back if they have to wait long or look bad or can’t find what they need in just 2 or 3 clicks!

Instead, adaptive web design does not require a rebuild of your website and has an ideal performance across multitude of devices though you might have to find an experienced team to take it on asit requires advanced knowledge of JavaScript and CSS.


 Adaptive Vs Responsive Web Design

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